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Frequently Asked Questions
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Could I use the "Send to Friend" extension to send a different page that the web page with the insertion form included?

Yes, you can. All you need is to edit the file TE_SendToAFriend.js, in the first line: var sentToAFriendURL=''; Changing the line between '', like: var sentToAFriendURL='http://www.topdreamweaverextensions.com/'; Where 'http://www.topdreamweaverextensions.com/' is the web page that you want send.

My web server has some custom specifications for sending emails. Can I configure this product to accept these custom specifications?

Yes, this product can be configured for all PHP environments; it supports simple SMTP, SMTP with authentication, the PHP "mail" function and the standard "sendmail".

If your web hosting required to use an external SMTP server to deliver emails or requires authentication, you can configure it at the SendToAFriend.php file, lines #9-#16:

// If your SMTP server is not the local server, then change it here
define('SMTP_SERVER', 'localhost');

// If your SMTP server requires authentication then set this parameter to true
// and put your username and password here
define('SMTP_USERNAME', 'your_username');
define('SMTP_PASSWORD', 'your_password');

For authentication, set the value to true instead false, ex:


The hosting provider has blocked my web page because the "Send To Friend" form has been used to send Spam emails. What can I do?

We have added a new version of the "Send To Friend" to the product distribution. The new version requires to enter a security code (Captcha) before sending the emails.

The use of the security code avoids that malicious users could send Spams mails from your form.

If you don't have in the copy of your product a MXP file named TE_SendToAFriend_Captcha.mxp, then use your download link to get the new version of the product.

Install the TE_SendToAFriend_Captcha.mxp version using the Adobe Extension Manager and replace the form in your web page using the new "Send To Friend".

I get this error when trying to install: "Extension requires more recent version of Macromedia Extension Manager". What I should do ?

You can download the newest version of the Adobe Extension Manager here:


If you have more than one extension manager installed in your computer, then open the version related to the Dreamweaver version where you want to install the extension and open the .MXP file from there.

I haven't received the email with the download link or I lost the download link. How can I get it?

If you purchased the product using Google Checkout, the instructions for accessing your purchase will appear in a yellow box at the top of your Order Receipt page (into your Google Checkout account):

After accessing that link you will get a copy of the product and a copy of the download link will be sent to your email address. Please be sure to check your spam/bulk mail folder if you don't see the email into your inbox.

Are there alternative payment options?

You can pay directly with credit cards through Paypal. If you don't have credit card or your credit card is not accepted by the payment gateway then you can use the alternative methods offered by Paypal and Moneybookers.

You can upload funds to your Paypal or MoneyBookers account through bank transfer or alternative methods.

If you can't create a Paypal account, then you can use Moneybookers that accepts customers from a wide range of countries and a wide number of credit cards and domestic bank transfers.

Do you include a multi-site license with the single purchase?

Our extensions are "one time purchase" products.  That means:

1- You can use it on all your computers.

2- You can use the extension on as many websites as you want (no limit), this includes your own websites and websites created by you for other pleople.

3- You are not allowed to redistribute the extension to other users.

4- You are not allowed rebrand or resell the product.

Can I pay using my credit card ?

Yes, Paypal allows you to pay directly using your credit card. You don't need to create a Paypal account to complete the payment.

On the other hand, MoneyBookers accepts credit cards when uploading funds to your own MoneyBookers account.

Are these extensions MAC compatible ?

Yes, our extensions are tested in both MAC and PC, you can install and use our extensions in any platform that supports Dreamweaver.

Are these extensions ready for Dreamweaver CS4?

Yes, our extensions are compatible with the most recent Dreamweaver versions.

We also support older Dreamweaver versions, usually Dreamweaver MX, MX 2004, DW 8, CS3 and CS4.

When I preview my web page atfer I get this message in my Internet Explorer,"To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted...". What is the problem?

If you are testing your page directly from your local hard disk in IE 7, this message appears:

"To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer. Click here for options."

In IE 7 this message appears when you test a web page that contains a script or Flash item directly form your local hard disk. When you upload your page to an online web server that message does not appear.

The address from a web server must start with http:// or https:// . On the other hand if the address start with C:\ or file:// then you are testing it from your local hard disk.

Just upload your web page to your web site and you will see that the error disappears.

I'm getting this error message "Is not possible to create data structure.". What's happening?

Please, change the "Links relative to" setting in the site configuration options (Dreamweaver 8 or later).

If this setting does not solve the problem, then follow these steps:

  1. Restart Dreamweaver
  2. Be sure that you have a local web site defined in Dreamweaver
  3. Open the page where you want to insert the extension(this page must be saved previously into your web site)
  4. Try to insert the extension again

Note about sales taxes.

No sales tax is charged when you purchase via PayPal. You can order via PayPal with a credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account. PayPal's status as a financial institution exempts PayPal orders from sales tax. CodePeople will be the retailer of record. CodePeople is based in Switzerland and does not have any US sales tax obligations.

I'm getting this error: "TypeError: THE_DOM has no properties" . There is a workaround?

Please follow these steps:
  1. Check if  you have defined a local web site at dreamweaver.
  2. Check if you have saved the page into your local web site.
  3. If you are using Dreamweaver templates, check if your templates allow an "Editable Region" in the <HEAD> section of the HTML code.
  4. Mark the "Use case-sensitive link checking" option in the site settings and recreate your site cache.
  5. After these checks, please restart your Dreamweaver and try again.
If the above actions don’t solve the problem, then probably the reason is a wrong HTML structure in the page that you are trying to use the product, in this case, please check the page’s HTML structure and if you cannot find the problem then contact our support service.