Thumbnails Viewer

A Dreamweaver Extension
Works with Dreamweaver MX, MX 2004,
DW 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC


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Product: Thumbnails Viewer

Thumbnail Viewer is a Dreamweaver extension very useful for building scaled images over thumbnails. When you roll the mouse over an thumbnail, the scaled image is shown in a floating box with shadows and fade animation effects. For example if you have a group of images thumbnails on a page if you move your mouse over it will show a larger version of it.


Adobe Dreamweaver MX or later (Dreamweaver MX, MX 2004, DW 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC,...).

Help & FAQ & Videos

Basic Installation

To install Thumbnail Viewer, simply execute the file TE_ThumbViewer.mxp or use the “Adobe Extension Manager” software.

Once the extension is installed, it can be accessed via “Insertbar > Common > Insert Thumbnail Viewer”.

Development Notes

To Use

To insert a Thumbnail Viewer in the webpage you are working on in Dreamweaver, it's necessary to select the image (or even a text) you'll associate to the full-size image and then click "Insert Thumbnail Viewer". A form will appear allowing the selection of the full-size image. The first field to complete is the preview title. The second field allows the selection of the larger image.

Once inserted the Thumbnail Viewer, just by rolling the mouse over the image, will show a floating panel over the page content near to the image thumbnail.

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